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Location of Sais

Registration and Use of the SAIS Service

  • 1.       Exchange students who attend courses at the University of Bologna:

    Here are the main study programs:

    ERASMUS and Erasmus +




    2.       International students who enroll to degree programmes at the University of Bologna:



    SINGLE-CYCLE DEGREE/Combined Bachelor and Master


    3.       International teaching and research staff:

    -          PhDs

    -          Visiting Researchers

    -          Visiting Scholars

    -          Visiting Professors

    The SAIS service provides some offers exclusively for visiting professors, researchers and Phds. In order to find these offers in the database, it is necessary to select the type of user filter in the search engine.

    If you need to verify whether your study program is among the international exchange programs managed by the University of Bologna, please contact the International Relations Department:

    I am a student of Accademia delle Belle Arti. Can I access the SAIS service?

    Since the SAIS service is founded on an agreement with the University of Bologna, the service is exclusively dedicated to the international students of the UniBo. Contact your faculty office in order to know more about the accommodation services provided by Accademia delle Belle Arti.

    I am a student of Conservatorio G.B. Martini. Can I access the SAIS service?

    Since the SAIS service is founded on an agreement with the University of Bologna, the service is exclusively dedicated to the international students of the UniBo. Contact your faculty office in order to know more about the accommodation services provided by Conservatorio G.B. Martini.

    I am attending a course/master/school outside the University of Bologna. Can I access the SAIS service?

    Since the SAIS service is founded on an agreement with the University of Bologna, the service is exclusively dedicated to the international students of the UniBo. Contact your faculty office in order to know more about the accommodation services provided by Conservatorio G.B. Martini.

    I am a student of John Hopkins University. Can I access the SAIS service?

    Since the SAIS service is founded on an agreement with the University of Bologna, the service is exclusively dedicated to the international students of the UniBo. Contact your faculty office in order to know more about the accommodation services provided by the John Hopkins University.

  • You can follow the procedure:

    -          Register to the service or log in by clicking to MEMBERS AREA or to ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ACCOMMODATION?;

    -          Start your accommodation research among all the offers, setting your preferences by selecting the filters (the less filters you select the more offers you will be able to check);

    -          Ask for more information by contacting the landlord or the Residence;

    -          Send your booking request through the SAIS website.

     N.BN.B.: Before sending the booking request, we strongly advise to read thoroughly the offers details.


  • Yes, the SAIS service has been conceived as a tool for the students to be independent with their search for accommodation. For this purpose, you will find the contacts of the Landlords directly in the offer. Moreover, make sure not to neglect your presentation to the offerors when you fill out the registration form to the service, because the Landlords will be able to see it and contact you accordingly.

  • Yes, you can send a booking request before your arrival through the SAIS website directly from the offer page. Since the request involves a legal agreement, we remind you it is important to verify the details of the offer previously. You will receive a reply from the Landlord both in case you request is accepted both in case it is denied. In case the offer is accepted, you will receive the guidelines to follow in order to complete the payment. In case your request is denied, you can go on with searching the website.

    N.B. This procedure works as a guarantee both for the student and the Landlord.

  • Bologna is a relatively small town and hosts one of the biggest university in Italy. For this reason, there are usually more available offers at the end of the academic year (summer period  June-August) and considerably less available offers near the beginning of the academic year (September – November). Please, keep in mind that the search for accommodation in Bologna is particularly challenging, but it is not impossible! For this reason, we strongly suggest to start you search for accommodation as soon as the University confirms the study period. Moreover, be aware that it might be more difficult to find accommodation during the peak season of the fiery events in Bologna. To check that, you can follow the link:

  • As stated in the previous point, it is highly recommended to start the search as soon as possible, since the search period can vary considerably according to the academic period. In case you have not succeeded in finding a suitable accommodation and your arrival date to Bologna is getting closer, it is highly recommended to book a temporary accommodation (hotels, hostels, B&B, ect.) for a 14/21 days period, in order to be able to calmly look for accommodation while you are in already in Bologna.  Finally, be aware that it might be more difficult to find accommodation during the peak season of the fiery events in Bologna. To check that, you can follow the link:

University Residences

  • Yes. You can check the availabilities of the University Residences by selecting the filter “Residences”.

    After that, the procedure is going to be the same as the one of the other offers, as follows:

    1. Check the offers and the availabilities of the Residences;
    2. Contact the Residence;
    3. Send a booking request through the SAIS website.
  • No, it is not possible to book a place in Er.go Residences through the SAIS service. Er.go is the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education in Emilia Romagna region. If you want to have further information and to know more about the availabilities of the Er.go Residences, please click on the following link:

The search for an accommodation

  • Make always sure who is the person you are in contact with.

    Of course, it is not only a matter of knowing their name but what role s/he will cover: is s/he the owner or just a tenant? A friend? Is s/he somebody you are going to live with? Who are the other flatmates? Do they work/study and what? What is their age? In case you decide to rent the place, ask for a document before sending any money.


    Is there a contract?

    It is very important to avoid any verbal agreement and to make sure that there is going to be a regular housing contract. Therefore, make always sure to ask whether there is going to be a regular contract. If you want to know why it is so important to have a regular housing contract, check our FAQ (Rimando).

    Do I have to inform my landlord about my study period?

    Yes, it is very important to say clearly to the landlord how long you intend to stay in the apartment. It is a matter of fact that the length of stay of most international students will cause some problems to owners, especially if the room becomes vacant in periods when the demand for accommodation is particularly low (such as January, November, December and the period from March to July). Most lease agreements also cover the summer period when students are on holidays, but they are required to pay the rent anyway. Moreover, it is extremely important to enquire about the notice you must give if you wish to leave your accommodation earlier than expected for any reason (problems with your room mates, etc…) and what the conditions are (you may be required to find somebody to take your place before your deposit to be returned). In regular contracts the law requires from 1 to 6 months’ notice in advance.

    Are utility fees included? How much are they roughly a month?

    Enquire on the approximate amount of bills per month (electricity, gas, water, etc.). Few people have a clear idea on this matter, therefore it is advisable to read all meters on entering and leaving the apartment because the bill system in Italy is quite complicated (see relevant paragraph) and sometimes causes problems to calculations. If you know exactly what the meter readings were when you started living in the apartment then it becomes a bit easier to calculate your consumption fairly accurately. Is the heating system centralized or independent? Enquire on the type of heating system available. Bologna is quite cold during the winter and the cost of heating may be quite relevant in your bills. It may vary a lot on the heating system (centralized or independent). In case the heating is centralized, it is possible to ask for an estimate of the cost based on the previous bills. In case it is independent, the cost will vary according the use of the tenants, and, therefore, it is not possible to have a cost estimate.

    What is deposit and how does it work?

    The deposit (“caparra” in Italian) is a form of mutual guarantee between the lessor and the lessee. On the one hand, it serves as amount for the Landlord, in case of failure to sign the contract; on the other hand, it protects the tenant in the event of noncompliance with the contract. When you make an agreement with a Landlord before signing the contract, you will pay a sum of money named “confirmation deposit” (“caparra confirmatoria” in Italian), which is legally recognized by the Italian Civil Code art. 1385. The confirmation deposit confirms the booking of accommodation, in anticipation of the signing of the contract. This mode is very useful when booking an accommodation at a distance. Be sure to check how much the deposit is and what the payment and the deposit-refund system is like. The deposit is given back at the end of the contract and, it is not possible to use last months’ rent as a deposit refund. If a portion of the deposit is kept from the Landlord for a specific reason (apartment damages, unpaid bills, etc.), you can ask for a written proof of the payments (receipts, utility fees, etc.). In case the bills are not being issued at the time of your departure, the Landlord can keep a portion or the whole sum of the deposit to provide to the payments of the utilities (up to a 3 months period from the end of the contract).

    Do I have to find someone taking my place when I move?

    First of all, it is necessary to verify what is the information concerning this matter on the contract and be aware of any verbal agreement made with the landlord. If the tenant has not been informed to do that differently, he/she can give a cancellation notice according to the terms stated in the contract and does not have any other obligation. N.B. Make sure to understand clearly this information. In most cases, the contract period includes the summer months and, therefore, students/teachers/researchers have to pay those months as well – even if it is not included in the study period. If your departure date is on May/June/July, be aware that it could be quite uneasy to find someone taking your place during those months, since the offer is going to be higher than the request.

    I want to rent the place/room/apartment. When do I know if and when I can get in?

    Make sure to understand who is making the final decision about accommodation, if you can decide by your own or if there will be a selection among all the students visiting the apartment. Verify also the response time to organize better your search. Usually, students can be selective, because they want to choose the right person to live with. Some of them may take a week before letting know who will become the ideal “candidate”. In this case, you should not waste your time and hopes doing nothing more than waiting for their reply: on the contrary, you must keep on searching for an alternative solution until you are sure about getting the room. If you are really interested in a room, it is recommendable to contact directly the tenants at the end of the agreed period. N.B. Through the SAIS website, the reservation response of a student will be within 48 hours.


  • Yes, you can! Here is a simple example. You can replace the highlighted portions with your information:

    Ciao! Sono uno studente (for boys)/una studentessa(for girls) internazionale. Ho visto la tua offerta su (name of the wesbsite/road where you found the offer) e vorrei sapere se il posto è ancora disponibile ed eventualmente prendere un appuntamento. Aspetto una tua risposta. Ciao!

    Your name


    You can use the message to contact the landlord either via email or phone. If you still don’t have an Italian sim card, have a look at FAQ about Phone and Sim Cards.

  • No, there are not. Bologna is a quite small and well-connected town. We believe it is a good idea to consider all the interesting offers. Accordingly, we recommend you to search an accommodation not only in the city center.

    In case you prefer an accommodation closer to your faculty, you can use Google Maps to check the distance. If you have any doubts about a specific area or you are already in Bologna, we advise you to go directly there.

    Perhaps, you can have a walk in that area. If you have not arrived in Bologna yet, it might be a good idea to visit a blog and receive a feedback from somebody who lived in that area.

  • Yes, it is possible. In recent years, we have received feedback about scams online For this reason, we advise you to read carefully the FAQ on this topic.

    Are there any methods of payment unsafe?

    Yes, they are all the untraceable methods. As far as possible, avoid sending money through Moneygram, Paysafe Card, Ria Transfer and Western Union. Avoid also showing the receipts of other transfers to untrustworthy owners. It may happens that the landlord ask you to transfer money to friends or relatives to prove the economic standing of the student. In this way, the fake landlord might succeed to intercept the bank transfer. Eventually, avoid transferring money to a non-Italian bank account, even though it is traceable, because if it was a scam, it would be difficult to obtain a refund.

    Can I ask the landlord to read the contract before of the signature date?

    Yes, absolutely: it is important to take your time reading the contract to understand all the terms of agreement, above all when it is written in a language you are not familiar with.

    If I make the search from my home country, how am I able to verify the landlord identity?

    You can ask the landlord to make a video call to discuss about the details of the offer. Indeed, in case of scam, the ID does not match with the person who is contacting you.

    It's not long before my arrival in Bologna. Is it recommendable to postpone the signing of the contract?

    Yes, if it does not compromise the booking, is advisable to view the apartment before signing the contract.

    Who can I ask for advice, when I am in doubt?

    You can ask SAIS Staff for advice, alternatively you can ask other students (via Facebook groups or Blogs).


  • Yes, it is obligatory by law. This allows the management of any problems with the lessor (“locatore” in Italian).
  • When you have agreed with the Landlord (or the manager of the apartment) to rent the accommodation, ask about the next steps. The contract follows the Italian regulations and it is always provided by the Landlord/manager/agency.
  • In order to be valid, each contract must be registered at the Revenue Agency (“Agenzia delle Entrate” in Italian). After having signed the contract, do not forget to ask the Landlord to let you have the original contract or a copy of it, as well as the registration receipt.
  • Click here to have more information on the contract types you can find in Italy, with all their principal features.
  • According to law, when the lessees (“Conduttori” in Italian) of the same contract are more than one (for example two students who live in an apartment), both are accountable to the contract. Therefore, if one of them should withdraw from the contract (with ordinary notice), the remaining lessee can:

    • Pay the amount corresponding to the entire apartment;
    • Suggest a substitute to the Landlord;
    • Regularly terminate the contract and leave the apartment.

    N.B. In case of damage or non-payment, all the lessees share responsibility and accountability.

  • You can check the standard-form contracts provided by the SAIS service clicking here. If you have any doubts, contact the staff for a consult or directly send us the contract to receive an opinion about it.
  • The documents required for the signing of the contract are different for EU and non-EU students.

    ► EU Students: copy of the passport/ valid ID card + copy of Italian “Codice Fiscale”

    ► Non-EU Students: copy of the passport + copy of the visa + copy of Italian “Codice Fiscale”

  • Yes. However, not all the Landlords accept short stays; for this reason it is very important to be clear with the Landlord about your study period or in any case your period of stay in Bologna. The “Contratto Libero” (type of contract adopted by many lessors), has a duration of 4 years + 4, but of course among its articles it includes the possibility to withdraw from the contract before it is due to expire. The agreements reached with the Landlord before the signing of the contract are very important. (LINK FAQ “Do I have to inform the Landlord about my study period?”)
  • It is normal to carry costs related to the drawing up and registration of the contract. Always ask the Landlord/Manager/Agency to be clear about the costs of the contract registration and/ or preparation. We remind you that the service offered by the Real Estate Agency or a Manager has a variable cost.
  • The costs for the registration of the contract are usually shared between the parties. Any costs for the stamps must be borne by the lessor. When it comes to a takeover, its cost is customarily paid by the person entering in the contract. N.B.: In case of short stays, other agreements can be reached by the parties.
  • Yes, otherwise the contract is not legally valid. The only exception is concerns the rental contracts for tourist use, which have a duration of less than 30 days.
  • Firstly, it is essential to check the information on the contract, paying particular attention to the article concerning Early Withdrawal and any article/regulation on a minimum stay.


    It is generally possible to send a registered letter to the Landlord before the quoted deadline (from 1 to 6 months before leaving the apartment).

  • What is the “codice fiscale”?

    The “codice fiscale” is an alphanumerical sequence, which allows natural persons on the Italian territory to be identified.
    It has to be assigned and activated before signing any contract of legal validity.

    I have the “codice fiscale” of my country, but not the Italian one. Do I have to get an Italian “codice fiscale” to sign the contract?

    Yes, the “codice fiscale” must be Italian and, in order to be valid, it has to be issued by the Revenue Agency or the Embassy; this is the only way to get a duly registered contract.

    The “codice fiscale” is present in my Student Card. Is it valid?

    No, to make sure that your “codice fiscale” has been activated, you must have received the document proving the the successful registration in the Revenue Agency or the Ambassee’s competent office.
    You can verify the effective validity of your “codice fiscale” here.
  • The competent office is the Revenue Agency.

    Below you can find the addresses of the two different offices in Bologna.

    Please note: the opening times may change under Covid-19 rules. We kindly invite you to check out Agenzia delle Entrate website.


    Agenzia delle Entrate - via Larga 35 – 40138 Bologna

    TEL 051 6103111 – FAX 051 6103608


    Opening time: from Monday to Friday 8.45-12.45 + Tuesday and Thursday also in the afternoon 14.30-16.30

    Bus: 14C (direction PILASTRO)– bus stop “ENZO FERRARI”


    Agenzia delle Entrate -Via Marco Polo, 60 - 40131 Bologna

    TEL 051 6103000


    Opening time: from Monday to Friday 8.45-12.45 + Tuesday and Thursday also in the afternoon 14.30-16.30

    Bus: 11 A (direction: BERTALIA) or 11B (direction: ITC Luxemburg) - bus stop “DE GAMA”

Living in Bologna

  • How can I move from the Airport to the city centre?

    At the exit of Bologna’s Marconi Airport, you will find the BLQ shuttle service, which brings you to the city centre. The price for the bus ride is 6 Euros. To see the timetable and bus stops, click here.

    Moreover, there is a new people mover service named “Marconi Express”, which will connect in just 7 minutes the Airport to the Central Railway Station. For further information, click here.

    Public Transport

    Bologna’s bus service is managed by the TPER company . On their website you will find information about bus routes and timetable, as well as other valuable information.


    Tickets Price
     One-hour ticket  € 1,50
     City-pass (10 rides - 75 minutes validity)   € 14,00 
     Daily Ticket  € 6,00
     Monthly Ticket for students under 27 y.o.   € 27,00
     Aerobus (from and to the Airport)   € 6,00


    Where can I buy tickets and passes?

    Bus tickets are usually purchasable in newsagents shops, newsstands and some bars. Moreover, you can also buy a one-hour ticket directly on the bus, from the specific machine, at a higher price of 2,00 Euros. N:B As the machine does not give change and can sometimes be out of service, it is best to purchase the ticket before you get on the bus. Lastly, it is possible to turn to the following TPER points:


       Address  Opening Time (Working Days)  Opening Time (Sundays)


     Piazza XX Settembre  6 a.m. - 8 p.m.  7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
     Via Marconi  Via Marconi 4 - angolo via Lame  7 a.m. - 7 p.m.  1 p.m. - 7 p.m.



    I am an Erasmus Student. Can I have access to discounts or benefits?

    Yes. The Erasmus Exchange Students choosing Bologna as the place for their study period will be able to purchase a bus pass to move around the city for the whole Exchange period. The price is symbolic and amounts to 10 Euros.

    To purchase the pass, log in with your institutional credentials to the Studenti Online page.

  • Bologna is located on a flat land. For this reason, if you want to save money on transport, cycling can be a great option.

    Where can I buy a second-hand bicycle?

    If you are interested in buying a second-hand bicycle, you can view the following list of shops:

       Address  Contacts Opening Time
     Il Mercatino  Via Monterumici, 36   051 313529

     TUE to SAT

    10 am - 7 pm

     Ranzani Used Market  Via Ranzani, 132  051 240608

    MON to SAT

    10 am - 2 pm

    3.30 pm - 7.30 pm


    10 am - 1 pm

     Demetra Social Bike  Via Capo d'Lucca, 37

    051 248224

    TUE to THU

    9.30 am - 1 pm

    3 pm - 7.30 pm


    9.30 am - 7.30 pm

     Interscambio Biciufs  Via Luigi Serra, 11/A


    3 pm - 7 pm

    TUE to SAT

    10 am - 1 pm

    3 pm - 7 pm

     Dynamo Velostazione  Via Indipendenza, 71/Z

    051 19900462

     MON to SUN

    6.30 am - 8.30 pm


    Bike sharing App

    You can enjoy the Bike Sharing service by downloading the RideMovi App.

  • I haven’t got a sim card yet. Where can I purchase it?

    Here is a list of the major phone companies in Italy, in particular of their stores in Bologna.



    Vodafone One - via Ugo Bassi, 21/H/L, TEL.  051 270626

    Onice s.r.l. - via Irnerio, 9/A, TEL.  051 4210399

    Vodafone Store - via Indipendenza, 25/A, TEL.  051 6569950

    Centro Commerciale VIALARGA -via Larga, 10, TEL. 051 530323


    • WIND

    Wind – Infostrada - via San Felice, 2, TEL.  051 227777

    Mondowind - via Indipendenza, 41/C, TEL.  051 273900                    

    Centro Commerciale VIALARGA - Via Larga, 10, TEL.  051 531637


    • TIM

    Centro TIM - via Ugo Bassi, 10/M,TEL.  051 271781

    Centro TIM - via Rizzoli 7/B, TEL.  051 271871

    Centro TIM - via Farini 4/E, TEL.  051 266380 

    Il Telefonino - via Indipendenza, 19, TEL.  051 6569238

    Euroelettrica - via Matteotti, 3/A, TEL.  051 254592


    • 3

    3 Store – Piazza Malpighi, 1/c, TEL.  051 992 1832


    I want to get a SIM card before arriving in Bologna. How should I proceed?

    May we recommend the following two virtual phone companies that allows you to purchase online a SIM card:


  • The Municipality of Bologna offers its citizens and visitors an Internet connection service (Wi-Fi).
    To navigate, simply connect to the Wi-Fi Iperbole Network, which is open and does not require any authentication. In open areas, the Wi-Fi Iperbole Network offers an everyday 24h access.
    Inside the buildings that offer this service, access is possible during their opening times. 
    N.B.: The service is not guaranteed during ordinary, extraordinary and preventive maintenance operations of the technological equipment.

    Internet Points: where can I find them?

    All UniBo departments are provided with Internet connection. You can visit the website to see all addresses and opening times. 
    To know more about ALMAWIFI (Wireless Wi-Fi access to the University Network), see in the following section:
    Furthermore, you can view the following link, which includes a list of free and paid Internet Points in Bologna: .
  • I am an EU student: How can I do?

    With official residence in Italy for at least 5 years, may apply to their Municipality of residence for a Certificate of Permanent Address (“Attestato di Soggiorno Permanente” in Italian), which entitles them to registration with the National Health Service (SSN) and with a General Practitioner (GP) for an indefinite period.


    With the E106/E109/S1 form issued in their home country, they can register to the SSN and with a GP for the length of time indicated in the form.

    Anyone who is not entitled to register with a GP but has a valid European Health Insurance Card (TEAM) issued in their home country is entitled to any necessary healthcare, such as occasional visits to a GP or Specialist Clinical services.

    Anyone who does not have such entitlement may take out private health insurance for the duration of the study program, covering all risks, which does not include registration with the SSN or with a GP. Alternatively, students may apply for voluntary registration with the National Health Service, providing a self-certification of their student status.

    I am a non-EU student: how can I do?

    Non- EU students may apply for voluntary registration with the National Health Service and with a General Practitioner, by paying an annual lump sum fee; the policy is valid for a calendar year (expiring on 31 December); otherwise they may maintain the right to compulsory registration, where provided for by law.

    They may also take out private health insurance for the duration of the study programme, covering all risks, and have a certificate of conformity to Italian law signed by the insurance company, which does not include registration with the SSN or with a GP.

    How can I submit the voluntary registration with the National Health Service as a student?

    For those who require or hold a residence permit for study reasons, the cost of registration is 149,77 Euros per year. The registration only lasts for a calendar year (For example from 1/01/18 to 31/12/18) and it is not possible to pay reduced fees for shorter periods.

    Students are allowed to pay for the registration related to the current and the whole following calendar year. This option allows to have the healthcare coverage for an academic year, it can be useful for students arriving in September, who intend to request a one-year residence permit for study reasons.

    The amount of 149,77 Euros does not cover any dependent relatives.

    To register: Visit a Post Office, ask for an empty postal draft and fill it in, paying attention to the following points:

    1. The draft must be paid to: Amministrazione PT.C.S.S.N. Regione Emilia-Romagna
    2. You must indicate the reference year for the registration with the SSN, for Example: Voluntary registration for students 2018
    3. If you want to register for two consecutive years (for Example 2018 and 2019), you must fill in and pay for two different postal drafts.

    For further information, visit the appropriate section on the website

    How can I pay for Medical Insurance?

    With Private Health Insurance, the student normally pays the expenses and then request the Insurance Company the reimbursement.

    When you purchase the policy, pay attention to the arrangements and limitations for the reimbursement. Remember that the medical expenses to be paid in advance might be high, for example in case of hospitalization.

    For further information, visit the appropriate section on the website

    Which Telephone Number can I call in case of Medical Emergency?

    Below you can find some useful contacts:

    • Emergency Medical Service____  0513131


    • EAST District (zone San Vitale, San Donato, Santo Stefano and Savena)

    Forwarding Address: Via Beroaldo, 4/2

    • WEST District (zone Borgo Panigale, Reno, Saragozza, Porto and Navile)

    Forwarding Address: viale Carlo Pepoli, 5

    [Pre-holidays and weekends: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Night Shift:  from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.]

    Which Hospital offering a First Aid Service is the closest to the University?

    Here are two Hospitals, which are the closest to the University area:

    Ospedale Sant'Orsola H24 - Via Massarenti, 9  First Aid: 051 2143430 - 051 2143345 
     Ospedale Maggiore H24 - Largo Nigrisoli, 2 First Aid: 051 6478214
  • Ambulance  118 
     Police  113
    Firefighter  115
     AUSL Bologna (Health Service)

     051 2094641 - 051 2094642

     Railway Service (from Italy)  892021
     Railway Service (from Abroad)  0039 06 68 475475
     Radio Taxi COTABO

     051 372727

    Radio Taxi CAT   051 4590 
     International Airport "G. Marconi" Servizio Informazioni   051 647961 
     International Airport "G. Marconi" Informazioni sui voli H24   051 6479615

Bussola Bologna - Open to the public: from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00. (during high season from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm and from 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm)
Address: Via Zamboni, 62/b - Tel. 051 254423 - Fax. 051 251640 - email