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Contractual Assistance is a service based on an agreement between the “Fondazione C.E.U.R.” and the University of Bologna, which is dedicated to all users requesting information and contractual support. The SAIS service pays particular attention to contractual regularity and its Staff is ready to help both the Lessor (Landlord) and the Lessee (Tenant), thanks also to SICET (Tenants’ Union).



Contractual Assistance is addressed to all the International Users who register to SAIS.


It happens very often that the property owenr of an apartment does not intend to make a lease contract, establishes unclear contractual clauses or does not issue a receipt for the payment of the deposit. In these cases, the user can choose to leave the apartment to find a new one, in which there are not such risks, but rather a registered regular contract. The tutorship service undertakes to manage the situation in the best way (also thanks to the SICET’s support, with which the service is registered) and to find a better and safer accommodation.



To get Contractual Assistance on a specific contract, fill out the dedicated form here.

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