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If you need an “Accommodation Declaration”, your registration procedure at the University does not have to be complete. However, you need to prove that your Application for an exchange programme or international course has been accepted by the University of Bologna and that you registered at SAIS.

What is the “Accommodation Declaration”?

The “Accommodation Declaration” is a document which is required by the Italian Embassies in order to receive a visa to travel to Italy. Visa allows non-EU university users to travel and study or work in Italy. It has to be requested at the “Visa Section” of an Italian Embassy or General Consulate. 

For further information, please see all regulations in force in Italy related to Visa release and the documents which are necessary in order to ask for a Visa.

Attention! Do not confuse Accommodation Declaration issued by SAIS with idoneità alloggiativa issued by the City Hall. To get more information about idoneità alloggiativa, please click here.

Types of accommodation declaration

SAIS can issue different types of “Accommodation Declaration” depending on your needs. It is important you ask the Italian Embassy what kind of declaration is required to obtain your visa:

 A. A general “Accommodation Declaration”, in which “SAIS guarantees it will help find an accommodation at the students arriving in Italy”. This type of declaration is accepted by the Italian Embassies, which do not require the student to communicate an address where he/she will be staying before the arrival in Italy.

B. "Accommodation Declaration” with an address : a letter can be issued which confirms that you have reserved a room in a temporary accommodation facility.

How to request the accomodation declaration

If you are a non-EU student and need an “Accommodation Declaration” you must:

1.register at SAIS according to the different procedures (if you are an Exchange student or if you will attend an International Course)

2. send an email at to ask for the Accommodation Declaration to be issued. Please include your

  • name,
  • surname,
  • exchange programme/international course,
  • admission letter,
  • copy of your passport or ID
  • and the type of Accommodation Declaration you need (specify if you need a declaration type A or B).     In case of a type B Declaration, it is necessary to send a temporay accommodation booking.

    Once all the requirements have been checked, SAIS will issue the “Accommodation Declaration” you require within 2 working days from the declaration request or the accommodation reservation.


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