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Who is the offeror?

The Offeror can be a property’s owner or someone acting in his place (manager, delegate). In order to take advantage of the service, delegates need a proxy signed by the Landlord, together with the ID card.

How to accommodate through the SAIS?

The procedure is very simple. To start, it is necessary to register here.

After the registration, it is possible to insert an offer from their own account, filling out a form with all the offer’s details. The more the offer is detailed, the easier it will be to find potential tenants. At this point, the SAIS Staff will check all the information concerning the offer, including the property documents previously sent to SAIS (see next parapgraph).

Should the information provided not be clear or complete, the SAIS Staff will contact the offeror to get some clarification. The offer will be published only when all the information required are provided in a satisfactory way. We believe that photos of the offers are essentials. The advertiser can add them by his/her own or ask us to do it. The advertisements with no photos can be turned off until landlord uploads them. When the accommodation has been rented, the Landlord is able to modify the offer’s date of availability directly from his account, or ask the SAIS Staff to suspend temporarily the ad.


During the registration process, the landlord declares the obligation to apply one of the contracts required by currently effective law and that the installations in the apartment comply with the D.M.37 of 22/01/2008 (Previous Law 49/90). After the registration to the portal, the SAIS Staff checks:

landlord's ID  (in order to activate the account),

- property certificate or "visura catastale" (and eventually other complementary documents).

Finally, the last step to do before approving the offer’s publication is an appointment with the Staff, in order to visit the property. The visit is compulsory and can be made before and/or after the lease. If this is the first time you accommodate, contact the Staff to book an appointment for contractual assistance.


The main channel for advertising the offer is the website, where also users searching for an accommodation are registered. As soon as the offer is published, the Landlord can be contacted by a user requesting more information or willing to apply for the place offered. From that moment, the Landlord has 48 hours to accept or refuse the request. If the request is accepted, the applicant has 5 days to send the payment of a confirmation deposit. Meanwhile, the Landlord who has published an offer has the opportunity to contact directly the user searching for an accommodation from the ads section “House Wanted”.

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