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The following are general information about renting a private sector:


When you rent a room or an apartment you need to consider the rent cost and whether expenses (utilities, taxes) are included or not.

The average monthly rent for a single room is € 400,00 and € 300,00 for a place in a shared room, not including expenses. The bills vary from €70/100 in shared flats to €200/250 in studio apartments and two-rooms apartments. Moreover, it is necessary to consider that the bills might be more expensive due to the heating system during the first semester. Additionally, it is likely that the monthly rent can even be higher, when demand is particularly strong, that is on September and October, especially if the students are planning to stay 6 months or less. It is likely that some rooms can have a monthly rent of about € 500,00. The type of accommodation can also vary significantly depending on the type of contract the Landlord chooses. On this point, it is recommended to see our webpage in the section dedicated to the lease contracts.


The search for an accommodation in Bologna takes time and perseverance. It is recommended to dedicate from 10 to 20 working days searching, before starting any academic obligations.

Starting the search in advance is the best way to assure you a place suitable to your needs. As soon as you receive the confirmation of your exchange or admission at the University, it is the right time to start the search.


As finding permanent accommodation may take time, it is fundamental to have some kind of temporary accommodation reserved or secured before arrival in Bologna. To collect information about temporary accommodation in Bologna please check the relevant section on our web site.



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