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Camplus College is a network of University College of Merit recognised and accredited by MIUR in 6 Italian cities and a Spanish one that host more than 1.300 students from Italy and all over the world. Camplus College is designed to guarantee the best housing, studying and community conditions. Camplus College combines the comfort of the "all inclusive" residential formula with a wide choice of training services shaped on the passions and studies of each student, to look to the future with confidence and curiosity.

In the city of Bologna, Camplus College offers the possibility to choose between 3 structures, different for their housing solutions but equal in quality and variety of residential and training services offered. All Camplus Colleges are located in a strategic position with the university area and allow you to easily reach every area of Bologna and its fascinating historic centre. On the website it is possible to consult the call for application, availability, fees and all types of reduction. To send the admission request, see the Admissions section.

On the site is also available the Gallery with images, videos and virtual tours of all the residences of the network.


Camplus Alma Mater

can accomodate up to 120 students
in single or double rooms.

Camplus San Felice

can accomodate
up to 60 students in 16 flats,
with single or double rooms

Camplus Bononia

can accomodate
150 students in single or double rooms

Camplus Alma Mater
Via G.A.Sacco 12
Camplus San Felice
Via San Felice, 113
Camplus Bononia
Via Sante Vincenzi, 49


It is possible to visit the Camplus Colleges by sending an information request directly from the site.

University Residence Torleone

Fondazione RUI is present in the national territory with 14 University Colleges of Merit, recognised and accredited  by MIUR, in 6 Italian towns.
In Bologna there is the University Residence Torleone (a college for male students).
As well as offering board (all kind of meals, seven days a week), lodging and laundry service, Residence Torleone combines the University experience with a customised educational project, in an environment which is suitable for studying and where it is possible to live in an atmosphere of freedom and exchange of ideas.
Fondazione Rui Colleges have the aim of helping students in finding their talents and expressing their potentials, in order to take advantage from the University years and get prepared to the world of work.

The Residence provides 18 places, organised into 12 places in triple room and 6 places in single room. Bathrooms are near the rooms.

International students who are going to stay in Bologna for a minimum period of 6 months are accepted as well.


Further information about the services provided by Torleone University College of Merit are available at /
Information about the admission process and timing, as well as about academic fees for Italian and International students and the application procedure are also available.
In addition, it is possible either to write an e-mail at   , or to make a phone call at the following number: 02 48199488.



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