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Location of Sais

The Sais - Student Accommodation and Information Service - is the office appointed by the University of Bologna to assist Exchange Students and International users who study or work at the University of Bologna.

Finding accommodation is one of the most difficult issues to deal with for a student wishing to study in Bologna. As a matter of fact, Bologna is a relatively small town and hosts one of the biggest Universities in Italy: the resident population counts about 370,000 units and the registered students are about 80,000. Most students, moreover, would like to live in the historical centre (which is an extremely limited area) and this makes the accommodation search even more difficult. In addition those exchange students who only spend a few months in our town have a further problem: landlords prefer to rent their apartments to the same student/group of students for a few years, so that they do not need to find new tenants after a short time.

This situation arise from the scarcity of accommodation that offers for international students and ,on the other hand, prices are quite high (Bologna is one of the most expensive towns in Italy regarding rents, coming after only Milan and Rome). The University and SAIS office try to get round this situation by offering a certain number of places in residence, college and private apartment available to the international users.

To sum up: finding accommodation in Bologna is difficult, but not impossible. You need to be patient and determined. Ten/twenty days of ongoing search are often needed to find suitable accommodation, therefore it is extremely important, before getting to Bologna, to book some temporary accommodation for the 2 or 3 weeks.

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N.B.: At the page bottom, you find 2 useful documents for your search: SAIS Key Info and SAIS Check-list.


Finding accommodation in the other campuses of the University of Bologna

Besides the main campus in Bologna, our University also has campuses in other towns of Romagna, that is: Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena e Rimini.


  • Student dormitory managed by ER-GO

  • Ser.In.Ar.


  • Associazione Koinè (assistance for exchange students looking for accommodation)

Via Valverde 15
Tel: (+39)054331521
Web: Koiné Forlì


  • Fondazione Flaminia

    Via A.Baccarini 27
    Tel. (+39)054434345
  • Cooperativa LIBRA

    Via Mazzini 61
    Tel. (+39)0544215651
    Sito internet


  • Student dormitory managed by ER-GO

  • Ser.In.Ar.


  • Camplus Cesena

    Via U. Saba 581/589
    47521, Cesena (FC)
    Tel. (+39) 0547612090 - Mobile (+39)3403116163


Ufficio Relazioni Internazionali

Tel (+39)0541.4 34234


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