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How to register at SAIS

a. Exchange student

Having accepted your application, the International Relation Department of University of Bologna will send you  confirmation by e-mail with a provisional USER ID and password you need to access the on-line registration procedure. After on-line registration you will receive an automatically generated message of acceptance and a USER ID and password (institutional credentials, ) you must use for access to the University of Bologna on-line services.

If you haven't received the message of acceptance, please contact the International Student Desk of the International Relations Department:

b. International Students and PhD enrolling to the Degree Programs of the University of Bologna

International students are students with non-European Union citizenship or students with foreign qualifications.

To enroll students should first register on StudentiOnline. After on-line registration students will receive a USER ID and  a password (Institutional Credentials ). Students will use Institutional Credentials to access to Online Service provided by the University of Bologna.

c. Visiting Professors

This category includes scholars, both international and italian, coming from abroad to take up a teaching position or mentoring assigned (with a contract) by the University. 

d. Visiting Scholars

Scholars, mostly international, invited by the University to carry out a research, a partnership or a scientific exchange programme with no remuneration. 

e. Visiting Researchers

International researchers hosted by The University of Bologna as holders of a research grant or a scholarship for a given period. 

Who can access our services?