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Las solicitudes de Residencia San Vitale están abiertas ahora!
31-10-18 Officina cerrada 1 de Novembre
Comunicamos que jueves 1 de Noviembre 2018 la oficina SAIS Bussola estará cerrada.
28-09-18 4 de Octubre - Oficina cerrada para festividad del patrón
Informamos que jueves 4 de Octubre la oficina SAIS estará cerrada en ocasión de la festividad del patrón de Bologna.
20-07-18 Residence San Vitale
The applications for the Residence San Vitale are closed. To get more information, please contact bologna.apartments@camplus.it specifying the period of your stay and that you are interested in University Residence.
09-07-18 Sais Hostel - to be booked until 31st of July, exclusively for the month of August

Sais service promotes an initiative to offer a temporary accommodation in Bologna.
This initiative has the aim of helping International students in the search of a definitive accommodation.
We know that the search of a place or a room in Bologna can be difficult, therefore we strongly recommend that students book a temporary accommodation for about two-three weeks, during which they can search for a definitive accommodation unless they have already booked one from distance.
As well as a section in its webpage, which is dedicated to temporary accommodations (http://www.saisaccommodation.it/en-us/finding-accommodation-in-bologna/temporary-accommodation.aspx?idC=62268&LN=en-US), Sais allows the booking of places in Residenza Carducci (https://www.er-go.it/index.php?id=6890) for the month of August, exclusively for International students.
This booking regards 1 place in Studio Apartment with two (separate) beds, bathroom, and kitchen area. All studio apartments are divided according to the gender.


- One week (from 1 to 7 nights): 100 Euros for the fee + 50 Euros for the security deposit

- Two weeks (from 8 to 14 nights): 190 Euros for the fee + 100 Euros for the security deposit

- Three weeks (from 15 to 21 nights): 280 Euros for the fee + 150 Euros for the security deposit

- Four weeks (from 1st to 31st of August): 358 Euros for the fee + 200 Euros for the security deposit

From the security deposit, 25 Euros are normally withheld for the final cleaning of the room, except for particularly precarious hygienic conditions which would require an intervention of more than one working hour.

The number of available places is limited.

Wi-Fi internet service, shared among all the students of the residence, is included in the price.

Common services:

Token-operating launderette service

Residence’s internal telephone network

External parking lot for cycles and motorcycles

Wide equipped garden

24h reception service

In order to verify the availabilities, it is necessary to answer this e-mail by providing the following information:
2) Gender

3) Age


4) Period of stay
- Day of arrival
- Day of departure
Special needs


Once the availability is verified, students will receive some instructions about how to proceed with the booking.
The booking will be considered fulfilled only when the payment of the due amount takes place, according to the terms and conditions that are specified in the offer.

Actualmente, no hay habitaciones individuales disponibles para el año académico 2018/2019.

La iniciativa se concluyó el 30 de Junio.

30-04-18 Dia Internacional de los Trabajadores

Informamos que la oficina SAIS/Bussola permanecerá cerrada el 1 de Mayo por el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores.

27-03-18 Office closed for Easter Holiday
We inform you that the office will be closed on Monday the 2nd of April for Easter Holidays.
28-12-17 Oficina SAIS cerrada 1 de Enero 2018

Comunicamos que lunes 1 de Enero 2018 la oficina SAIS estará cerrada para festividad.

22-12-17 Oficina cerrada para Navidad

Comunicamos que la oficina estará cerrada el 25 y el 26 de Diciembre 2017 para Navidad

07-12-17 08/12/2017 - Inmaculada Concepción

Informamos que la oficina estará cerrada el dia 8 de diciembre para las vacaciones de la inmaculada concepción.


05-10-17 Bologna - Horarios de apetrura a partir del 9 de Octubre 2017

Comunicamos que a partir del 9 de Octubre 2017 la oficina SAIS estará abierta para el público con los siguientes horarios:

De Lunes a Viernes, de 10:00 a 13:00.