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Scams: some tips and information

Dear students, since we have been receiving many alerts about fake landlords, we have written down some guidelines to follow in order to avoid being scammed.


-          Avoid sending any money through Moneygram, Paysafe Card and Western Union, Ria Transfer nor to the landlord nor to friends or family to prove the landlord your financial means.

-          Avoid sending any money to a country different from Italy since it is not possible to trace the transaction.



-          Ask the landlord to have a videocall in order to discuss the details of the offer. Fake IDs are usually sent by scams.

-          If you are not sure of the safety of the offer, it is a good idea to ask for advice to other students (there are several students’ groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and so on) or to the SAIS Staff;

-          Ask to see and read the contract before signing it;

-          If your arrival date is near, choose to see the apartment and meet the landlord.

We remind you it is possible to visit our SAIS website to have further information about what to do before your arrival and tips on what to ask to the landlord.