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Cost of living in Bologna

Bologna is one of the most expensive cities in Italy, after Milan and Rome. Rents are rather high and are one of the main expenses students have to pay.

If your scholarship isn’t very high and if your family’s economic situation does not allow you to easily live abroad, we suggest you save up some money before you arrive in Bologna. Work opportunities are very limited for foreign students and part-jobs are hard to find.

Single Room Accommodation: from € 310,00to € 400,00 + bills
Shared Room Accommodation: from € 210,00to € 270,00 + bills
Shopping at a supermarket for one week: about € 80,00
Meal in a pizzeria: about € 18,00
Breakfast in a bar (cappuccino and croissant): about € 2,40
Meal in a University canteen: from € 4,00to € 6,65
Meal in a bar (drink and one roll): about € 5,00
Disco-pub in the city centre: about € 12,00
Bus ticket (valid for one hour): € 1,30
City-pass (bus ticket with 10 journeys): € 12,00
Student monthly ticket: € 27,00
First Release films: € 7,00(there are reductions on particular days of the week,
depending on the cinema)

Do you often travel by train?

In Italy prices for train tickets vary according to the average length of the journey. Here are a few examples of return trips with Intercity trains:

Bologna-Venezia: € 9,00 (one wayTariffa “Super Economy”)
Bologna-Firenze: € 13,00 circa (one way Tariffa “Super Economy”)
Bologna-Roma: € 19,00 circa (one wayTariffa “Super Economy”)

Visit Trenitalia’s Website to discover the advantages for students.